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SEO Services India Tip #1

Hello ladies and gentlemen, one of the first things you want to do to start ranking your website on the first page of google is to start writing as soon as possible, or hire someone to do it.

The writing that you provide on your blog or customer facing website has to be straightforward and easy to read. The writing has to be simple enough for 10th standard or 10th grade level reading. Yes, it cannot be flowery and have unnecessary words to express what you want your customers to read.

The biggest problems we have as Indians is to use the English language as if we are speaking to the Queen or King. (I have to admit, I am so glad there is no King or Queen for us to speak to. Too pretentious for my taste.)

When we speak we want to impress others, but in reality you are not impressing your customers by sounding “sophisticated” because they don’t care to understand other than get information about your product or service. This is one of the most important aspects of SEO services in India.

Keep It Simple Stupid or KISS

The KISS approach has been used in developed countries to make the buying process more easier than ever.

Just think about it, when you walk in to a McDonalds or KFC, the menu in front of you is so simple that a child can see the product and say I want number #1 or #5…that’s it. You have made the order, its not complicated.

Make things easy to see and understand, then the buying process is even more easier for the customer. Isn’t that what you want for your customer? Today, no one has time to think and ponder on what they want, they want immediate gratification. Instantly solve their problem with your product or service.

We call this a succinct approach to problem solving. Be succinct. It maybe a difficult to practice a first, but you will get a handle on it over time. In fact, the whole world is falling this approach to business. All large companies around the world are doing this, you must follow that same approach to your business. If you don’t you will lose to competition, its only a matter of time.

So, start practicing to be succinct in your verbal and written communication it will help your blog in more ways than one.

> Here is a quick tip on How to Write Effective Content.

The biggest take away for SEO Services in India Tip # 1 is write and write regularly. Keep the content on your website fresh and appealing to your target audience. Give them value for their time. Yes, its FREE, but who else is doing that…99% of blogs online, especially in India are not providing that simple service. You can always convert them in to paying customers with your product or service at a later time, once you gain trust.

In the mean time keep blogging and keep writing regularly, every single day, it doesn’t have to be impressing, just informative. Remember we are not native English speakers, so no need to impress anyone, focus on the simple and succinct communication.


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